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Courses Given

I. Classroom Courses

(i)                 Methodology

  • New Testament Narrative. MTh
  • Methodology of New Testament Exegesis. BTh

(ii)               New Testament

  • Introduction to the New Testament. BTh
  • Interpretation of Matthew and Mark. BTh
  • Interpretation of Luke-Acts. BTh
  • Interpretation of Synoptic Gospels. BTh
  • Interpretation of Synoptic Gospels and Acts. BTh
  • Interpretation of Johannine Writings. BTh
  • Interpretation of Acts. BTh
  • Interpretation of First Corinthians. BTh
  • The Gospel Passion Narratives. MTh
  • The Gospel of Luke in Liturgy. MTh
  • Interpretation of Acts and Catholic Letters. BTh

(iii)             Old Testament

  • Introduction to the Old Testament. BTh
  • Interpretation of Pentateuch and Historical Books. BTh
  • Interpretation of Hisotrical Books. BTh
  • Interpretation of Prophetic Writings. BTh
  • Interpretation of Psalms and Wisdom Literature. BTh 
  • Interpretation of Wisdom Writings. BTh

(iv)              Languages

  • Introduction to New Testament Greek. BTh
  • Modern Spanish for Beginners. BA

(v)                Others

  • Theology and Bible in Antioch. MTh
  • The Bible in Pastoral Work. MTh
  • Apocalypitic Literature. BTh


II. Online Courses

(i)                 New Testament

  • Introduction to the New Testament. CBB
  • Interpretation of Pauline Letters. CBB
  • Interpretation of Matthew and Mark CBB
  • Interpretation of Luke and Acts. CBB
  • Interpretation of John and Catholic Letters. CBB
  • Interpretation of NT Texts. KALIMA

(ii)               Old Testament

  • Introduction to the Old Testament. CBB
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